BCS success story of Kazi Shamim

BCS success story of Kazi Shamim

Kazi Shamim is Born to a poor family. He was in tension always to meet up  about the cost of education. If his mother send him money in every month which is not sufficient for him. He takes breakfast in the morning and most of the day he does not to have launch. The money saved avoiding lunch. Thus, do not eat, eat half, he continued his studies. This is the boy Mr Kazi Shamim   is now a  BCS cadre.

I represent here Mr. Qazi Shamim who is a talented student of Salimullah Hall . He is the cadre of  the 35th BCS . His life has been taken a turn. Now he has no time to look back.


His mother Shahjahan Begum lives in the foothills town of Cox’s Bazar. Her husband Mohammad Shahjahan Ali Babul  worked as a laborer in the sea fishing boat. Now he is working in a bakery in the city of Chittagong. Her family consist of one daughter and two sons. In the meantime her daughter is married.


Eyre pay 00 rupees one thousand job had sent their children to school. His indomitable courage. Jobs teach the children. Daily was trying in any way to pay the money for educational expenses of the children.

He spent the day in hospital patients even eat rice. To eat or not to eat people in higher education only child, he dreamed.

He said, the evening of August 17, the son of a mobile phone from the capital Dhaka Kazi Shamim said, “Mamma, I have passed the BCS.” His eyes sparkled as he was. The tears were tears of joy jhareche. He got eyena address bliss. Thus, the mother became emotional. Cox said his other son, Shah Alamgir, a third-year student of Government College accounting department.

Shahjahan Begum said, “My hut was not the light power. Success has been read in the light of the lamp.

I have reared children fed stale rice and curry. Her clothes were not able to load. He passed me in the BCS.

Kazi Shamim know, was born on 7 December 1991. The Cox’s Bazar Government High School 007 009 SSC and HSC passed from Cox’s Bazar Government College.

After that he was admitted to the Dhaka  university. He passed BBA and MBA degree from the Department of Management of Dhaka University. After completion his degrees from Dhaka university .  He attended the BCS examination and obtained 82nd position in the BCS administration cadre  of  35th the BCS .

He told that I got the success for my persistence and sincere effort on a regular basis. I have worked hard with the passion and dedication for reaching my dreams.