Udvash-Unmesh Shikkha Poribar Job Circular October 2016

Udvash-Unmesh Shikkha Poribar Job Circular October 2016

Name of the Position:  Junior Executive (HR), Junior Executive (Finance and Accounts)

Deadline: October 31, 2016

No of Posts:  16 posts

Job Nature: Full-time
Age Preferred: As per circular
Job Location: As per circular
Experience: As per circular
Required Papers: As per circular
Qualifications: As per circular
Salary: As per circular
Job Description: As per Circular
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 Utvash-Ummesh Shikkha Poribar Job Circular October 2016










Udvash-Unmesh Shikkha Poribar Job Circular October 2016

What is the purpose of alkali? The answer to most people blur. Because of our traditional education system has taught us to think about the purpose of education is to be given a certificate and, finally, some jobs to earn a living system. But we just feel free to let us dismiss these thoughts. We think, the goal of education is to develop the latent talent, and he sharpened his thinking, confident, patient and responsible to develop as human beings. What are these just words? That is because they say obnoxious jatigatabhabei haoyakei think that a lot more talk than action, our habits. We must say that, but after it turned up. Our education system does not have the power to change, it must be used; But to deny asangatiguloke always been our commitment. The commitment to the implementation of the charioteer. Sandhanei samamata and the charioteer our ongoing journey.

Sir gave a figure of a student and hacarca ten to fifteen times the number it was written examinations, the results were good; Is there any credit that goes to the learner in this matter? We want to let the students try it. Apathy among many working to try. We believe that the effort to create interest and effort prayasaguloke attractive to fruition within a system or system. Byabasthapatratii the desired final destination. So, Who are we? Some of the people who are the dreamers of dreams, we constantly sow, people want to see as a solid cintamanaska not. I want to worry about the platform, from which the light to be dispersed. We alodayi platform, ekalaine This is our identity. But people want more and more clear and specific identity. I’ve become a little behind the words themselves. The sound-vision or platform, the sammilanei irradiation. We irradiation, we are udbhasai.


Interview Date:  31 October

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Who can apply for the job?

As per circular

How to apply:As per circular

Published Date: 21 October 2016
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