How to Translate Bengali to English Online

How to Translate Bengali to English Online

Online is the storage of all. Now a days, we all are dependent on Google translate only. Google translate Bengali to English word to word English which are not helpful for all.If you want to translate one Bengali word to one English word that’s are good.But if you want to one English one sentence to one Bengali word then you found that the sentence have no meaning in Bengali.Considering for you I intend to represent some online links for all users which will be helpful for you.

Step one:

Which part you want to translate, copy of that part.You find the below image

How to Google Translate image


How far is from Bangladesh to Myanmar?

The ongoing war in several countries around the world in recent years all the people desperately affected, upset their lives, jeopardize future. Bleeding in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, iyamenasaha several countries in order to have all the original kusilabara bahihdesiya war.

That the people most affected by the war; Now, those countries that are happening. This thing can be said that the absence of democracy and the people completely ignore the long-term due to the war has been accelerated. Just also, that all the others are fighting on the ground; And the common man is the only victim of the inevitable.


If you find the above, you find that the translation of English is not meaningful. You set one paragraph of Bengali and and Bengali. Try to match one with another, you will find grammatical mistakes are available.And then correct them which will be accurate translation of Bengali to English.

Step Two:

You may write first in Bengali in a page what you want to translate and try to translate word to word English and  check them through online.


Bengali – English translator

Bengali – English ONLINE translator – dictionary in both directions

Choose a language from which you wish to translate a text and the translation target language, type in (paste) the text and then press the button “Translate”.


Bengali to English Dictionary
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