8 Top Tips For BCS Preliminary Examination 

8 Top Tips For BCS Preliminary Examination

top tips for bcs preliminary

Top Tips For BCS Preliminary Examination

If anyone wants to take part in BCS examination they have to know how should take BCS preliminary preparation successfully. And to take a successful preparation  i hope following tips are very effective. Here i have given 8 top tips for BCS preliminary examination .

If you want to get this royal job you will have to study properly with right strategies. BCS Preliminary exam is the first step to run successfully in the BCS competition. Because more than 2 lacks student appeared in the BCS preliminary examination and only 8/9 thousands are selected for the BCS written .so day by day this exam getting harder. To make a glorious career you will hate to make a smart preparation. Of course it is a tough journey but it is achievable.


First of all you will have to set up your mind to reach the goal and then you will have to do the work according to the necessity. And that’s why to identify the necessary topics are important.

Top tips  for BCS preliminary examination are given bellow:

  •  Start your preparation from today:. 

If you want to be a BCS cadre you will have to be sincere. Don’t wait for tomorrow, start to study from today. When you will make you well prepared your confidence level will be increased automatically .If you don’t be serious to your work your work will not response to you flexibly. So do your best from the beginning. First of all collect your bcs preliminary syllabus and concentrate on marks distribution.

  •  Make a flexible routine which is easy to follow:

To make a realistic routine is very important for an applicant. Because if anyone study indifferently or in unorganized way he will never be able to bring all the subjects in his grief .That’s why from the beginning an applicant have to study in a  structured way and gives time both easy and difficult subjects as well.

  •  Point out your strong and weak zone:

Everyone is not good at each subject’s .So, firstly find out those subjects which are your control and try to make them efficient for you to have good marks from those. Then find out those subjects which are comparatively critical to you and give emphasis on those. To make
good score you should not ignore any subject.

  •  Note down the important things:

When you get preparation you will find so much information from different sources. There is much information which r not easy to keep in mind. That’s why revision is very important. But if one does not write down the information on a note book or does not write down the sources it becomes difficult to find those when you need. So write down the important information and highlight it with different colors.

  • Study previous question bank and at least 2 sets job solution:

If you want to do well in the BCS preliminary examination questions pattern study is so important. For this previous BCS preliminary question and different government and non- government recruiting question should be practiced. It will help you to enrich your skill and timing sense.

  • Take some model test and be careful about timing:

Before the preliminary examination many publications published different model test books. Collect 2/3 sets of model question books and solve at least 3 sets of question every day. It will supply you various relevant information and you will be able to guess what types of question may be appear in the exam.


  • Keep in mind that you are the one who will be succeeded:

Self-confidence creates magical effects. If anyone believes that he is the best in the exam hall it will boost one’s confidence and will help him to overcome nervousness .nervousness causes to choose the wrong answers .So be confident and hopeful but don’t be overconfident which makes you excited in the exam hall.

  •  Preparedness is better than seriousness:

Our result is rewarded not our effort. So preparedness is more important in the exam hall. Sometimes seriousness makes you confused in the exam hall. but preparedness will increase your accuracy in the exam hall. If you can apply your learning things appropriately in the exam hall obviously it will bring a positive result..

Top tips for BCS preliminary exam are included among these 8.Last of all, i can say that be prepared, increase your accuracy on various topics and utilize your time properly.Follow these tips as much as possible. Hope that output will be good Insha Allah.

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